Bien Air MX2 System

Over the years, the firm has grown from a manufacturer of specialised 'Swiss made' instruments to a developer of custom-made product ranges and systems.

Bien Air Medical Technologies offers a range of solutions and products which are renowned worldwide for their excellence. They are made to simplify your working life for a very long time.


The Bien-Air Micro-Series brings together the new series of Bien-Air compact contra-angles and handpieces and the new generation of micromotors with LED light. Lighter and more compact, the Micro- Series combinations offer exceptional grip and balance.


Bien-Air is setting new standards in the fi eld of LED lighting. Adjustable intensity from 0 to 38,000 lux, perfectly white and natural light, service life up to 10 times longer than that of a traditional bulb, no overheating, exceptional resistance to sterilisation.


Thanks to its lifetime-lubricated ball bearings, your micromotor no longer needs lubrication after each use. This ensures it always has the optimal amount of oil, and has reduced maintenance costs.


Freedom of movement for optimal working comfort. Thanks to its fl exible and light rotating quickconnect coupling, the Bien-Air micromotor/hose combination will prove a pleasant work companion day in and day out.


The most high-precision control ever obtained with a micromotor. Cutting-edge electronics offer perfect control of the torque and rotation speed, and the bur position. Even at very low speed.


Intuitive, simple, user-friendly navigation. You'll love this way of working: fast, logical and with added assistance. Straightforward.
EASY-NAV. The professional interface.


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