Implantology is a demanding discipline. To offer you maximum comfort and to guarantee that of your patients, Bien Air has created high-performance systems which leave nothing to chance.

After the Chiropro 980, which has proved its worth in countless dental surgeries, Bien Air now presents the Chiropro L, an incredible system offering versatility, comfort and performance.

The benchmark in implantology instruments

Thanks to the outstanding ergonomic design of the new Bien Air 20:1 L implantology contra-angle handpiece, the word «comfort» takes on a whole new meaning.

This contra-angle handpiece has an irrigation system which is internal to the instrument – the world’s first. So your grip is not impeded by the irrigation line. The jet of physiological liquid is projected onto the drill shaft itself, providing perfect cooling, particularly when using implant guides for insertions.

In addition, its shafts and gears are machined in stainless steel with high resistance to saline solutions.
The 20:1 L contra-angle handpiece is abound with superlatives: the smallest head, the lightest contra-angle on the market, exceptional DuaLook lighting, Soft Push easy-release push-button....


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