A simple and cost effective tissue retrieval bag. Single use, with no metal parts and PVC free. EndoBag has a flexible plastic ring with an easy opening and closing function, which may be used multiple times during the whole procedure. Endobag is easy to use and has a strong double wall tear-resistant bag, which ensures safe retrieval of gall bladder, appendices, ovaries, lymph nodes and other similar structures. Furthermore EndoBag offers the possibility of being opened outside the abdomen, while a part of the bag is still inside. Thereby it is possible to use graspers or suction & irrigation to remove large organs and body fluids, before removing the bag completely. An additional feature is that the pouch ring may be used to scoop specimens into the pouch instead of using instruments.


EndoBag is available in two sizes: With a bag diameter of 60 mm and total volume of 110 ml or a bag diameter of 100 mm and total volume of 410 ml. Both sizes may be used with 10, 11 or 12mm trocars.


Another EndoBag solution for surgeons, who wish not to occupy a port during the complete procedure. Insert the bag through a 10-12mm trocar, and leave EasyBag in the abdomen by removing bag-holster from trocar. Use graspers to insert and retrieve the bag plus for opening the bag and inserting specimens. EasyBag is available in two sizes: With a bag diameter of 75mm or 125mm.