ENT Surgical Burs

Sheppard Medical ENT Surgical Burs with amorphous diamond coating

Distributed by Sheppard Medical


DuraCision coating is engineered to resist wear, temperature rise, and tissue adherence. Because of diamond’s low friction, DuraCision-coated Spectrum burs’ surface friction is reduced by as much as 85%.


  • Easier, more thorough bur cleanup
  • Lower temperatures during use
  • Useful life up to five times longer
  • Comparable or lower cost than other reusable burs
  • Centerless-ground for better balance
  • Less stress on handpiece and surgeon
  • Fits most surgical drillsSheppard Round Diamond Burs


Shaping, polishing and smoothing are the most common applications for round diamond burs. For years, surgeons have preferred round diamond burs because they offer superior control during shaping. Now Sheppard Medical offers those traditional advantages of round diamond burs with the additional benefits of the newest diamond coating technology. Burs last up to five times longer, are comparable or lower cost than other reusable burs and easier to clean. The lower temperatures generated by the DuraCision™-coated Sheppard Medical Burs mean reduced bone and tissue necrosis for safer procedures and reduced collateral injury.


Round Cutting BursAggressive bone dissection and improved visualization are the advantages most often cited for round cutting burs. Tungsten carbide and titanium nitride-coated burs have traditionally been considered the longest-lasting burs. Now Sheppard Medical Burs offer the advantages of round tungsten carbide cutting burs with the additional benefits of the newest design diamond coating technology. All Sheppard Medical Round Cutting Burs 4.5 mm and larger feature chip breakers to produce a cleaner cut and clear bone fragments from the cutting field for better visualization. Most cutting burs are sharpened to a knife edge. A knife edge breaks down (dulls) quickly. Sheppard Medical cutting burs have a second grind, which puts more material immediately behind the cutting edge. This edge stays sharper for longer. This is an exclusive feature of Sheppard Medical’s burs.


Amorphous Diamond Coating

Diamond is an excellent material for dissection because it is hard, sharp and nearly frictionless. Sheppard Medical DuraCision™ coating provides these advantages for our Sheppard Medical Surgical Burs by creating a diamond film over the entire bur tip, not just its diamond particles. DuraCision Coating is engineered to resist wear, increases in temperature and tissue adherence. Because of the diamond’s low friction, DuraCision Coated Spectrum Burs’ surface friction is reduced by as much as 85%. DuraCision coating’s coefficient of friction is like natural diamond, 0.10 to 0.15, compared to uncoated tungsten carbide’s 0.65 or higher. DuraCision-coated burs’ reduced friction results in lower temperature at the surgical site, reduced tissue and bone necrosis, decreased wear, increased bur life.

Harder, For Better Performance

For cutting instruments, hardness is a key to long term performance. DuraCision coating has exhibited a wear factor more than 100 times better than conventional tungsten carbide surfaces. It’s because our DuraCision coating produces a dramatically higher Vickers hardness rating.


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