The Quantum Molecular Resonance Technology

QMR technology: QMR is a unique and patented technology: a special combination of different frequencies (Quantized High Frequency Spectrum) that allows the cut and the coagulation thanks to a resonance effect on the tissues. Differently from the standard electro-surgical HF equipment, which cause the vessels collapse and tissue necrosis, Vesalius Essential deploys a peculiar waveform that is slightly out of resonance but enough to increase the temperature up to 63-65ÂșC and to trigger the denaturation processes of the fibrinogen which turns into fibrin and coagulating the blood, without thermal damaging the vessels.

  • Low working temperature
  • No thermal diffusion on surrounding tissues
  • No need to irrigate the tissue
  • No carbonization of the tissue
  • Very effective coagulation in liquid or blood pools
  • Better and faster healing of the brain tissue